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Move In/Out Cleaning Service

We Service Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and Washington DC

It is highly recommended for the home to be completely vacant at the time of the cleaning.  This will ensure the cleaning team is at ease to successfully complete the cleaning.  There may be additional charges for trash and debris removal
As this is a move-in/out cleaning, please note that cleaning the stove/oven, and refrigerator require additional fees.  Windows and Blinds require an extra fee.  Please check below for the additional fees and pricing.
Move-In/Out Rates
Square Footage          Price

Up To 1000 sq feet           160
1000-1200  sq feet           180                       
1300-1500 sq feet            180          
1600-1800 sq feet            180                    
1900-2100 sq feet            200                
2200-2400 sq feet            200           
2500-2600 sq feet            220                
2700-2800 sq feet            250                    
2900-3000 sq feet            280                
3100-3200 sq feet            290                     
3300-3500 sq feet            315               
3600-3800 sq feet            335               
3900-4200 sq feet            365                 
4300-4600 sq feet            395                 
4700-5000sq feet             430                   
Over 5000sq feet              We would have to make an appointment and evaluate the home to determine the price.  

Refrigerator inside $15
Stove inside $15
Refrigerator inside &  Stove inside $25
Windows $20
Blinds $30

The cleaning team includes a crew of 2-3 cleaners with their own cleaning equipment and supplies.  Here is a list of what is included in the quote:


· Dust and clean baseboards, interior windows, closets and doors
· Clean ceiling fans
· Vacuum or sweep and mop floor

· Clean & sanitize shower/tub 
· Clean & sanitize/polish sink, toilet, mirrors, door, exterior cabinets, ceramic tiles
· Sweep and mop floor
Living Room/Family Room/Dining Room
· Dust and clean baseboards, mirrors, light fixtures
· Vacuum, sweep and mop
· Dust and clean doors, exterior cabinets, counters, range tops, microwaves, sink
· Clean EXTERIOR of refrigerator, stove and oven
· Sweep and mop
 · Throw away garbage

Miscellaneous Information 
What is NOT Included
· Moving heavy furniture and/or appliances

· Washing dishes
· Washing/scrubbing walls
· Cleaning shelf liners
· Carpet cleaning
· Laundry services
· Ironing clothes
· Cleaning pet areas or taking care of pets such as feeding and cleansing (we are pet friendly though)
· Doing any other errands

The cleaning team is equipped with their own cleaning supplies and gladly use your supplies upon request.  Payment is due at the time of the cleaning and given to the cleaning team (or left at a specific place of your choice if not present).  Cash or  check